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Taurox™ Frequently Asked Questions

What is Taurox?
Taurox is an immune balancer. It is a single pure ingredient that cannot be broken down into other ingredients. It is an organic material that is a modified dipeptide, which is the basis of proteins. Taurox products (sold under the TaurImmune brand and other names) are targeted to specific problems and usually contain other homeopathic remedies used to treat specific ailments.
How is Taurox taken, is it a pill?
No! Taurox is taken in 3 different forms:
  1. Melting MicrospheresTM that melt under the tongue.
  2. A handy spray form, taken much like breath spray!
  3. Liquid form taken with a dropper – just put a few drops under your tongue!

How can I order Taurox?
Visit our Taurox Availability page to order Taurox-containing products over the internet or by phone.
What Taurox product should I take?
While the immune system balancing can be achieved with all the products, there are some differences in the formulas and delivery methods. We recommend that you contact the customer service representative at the organization from which you purchase your Taurox.
Has Taurox been registered by the US Food and Drug Administration?
Yes, as an over-the-counter drug. The FDA expects all drug products to follow the rules for drug labeling and manufacturing. Taurox has been evaluated by drug experts.
How does Taurox work?
Pharmacological experiments show that Taurox is a powerful immune system regulator and stimulator. Researchers found that it activates the immune system in a manner conducive to fighting bacterial and viral infections and enhancing the effectiveness the immune system.
Does Taurox work on everyone?
Taurox works on over 90% of the people with moderate to severe fatigue. Like most drugs, it does not affect everyone the same way. You may need to either increase or decrease the dosage for maximum effect.
Is there anyone who should not take Taurox?
Because it works on the immune system, we don't recommend it to patients taking immunosuppressants. You should consult your doctor if you are on anti-inflammatory agents. Do not take this if you are in need of immediate medical attention: see a doctor or an emergency room. Depending on your own body, some effects can be unique to you.
What should I do if my fatigue doesn't go away?
You should take Taurox for four weeks. You may not feel any effects for a few days. Some people feel a bit more tired as the Taurox begins to work before the boost to the immune system begins. However, if fatigue does not go away in one month, see a doctor, as you may have something more serious than fatigue. Taurox is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any serious underlying disease, it is designed to improve quality of life. It is intended and labeled for the treatment of non-life-threatening fatigue that patients can recognize and evaluate without special testing. Be sure to contact the customer services representative at the organization from which you purchased your Taurox.
What should I do if my allergies do not go away?
Taurox treats the immune system, not the specific symptoms. You should take Taurox for four weeks. Some people may have more or different symptoms before the boost to the immune system begins. Give your body has time to adjust. If you still don't have results, you might need a different dose. The package insert has some information on dose adjustment. It is possible that Taurox is not right for your particular allergies, but most people eventually get results. Be sure to contact us for help in selecting the correct dose and product. Be sure to contact the customer services representative at the organization from which you purchased your Taurox.
Should I ask my doctor about using Taurox?
The single most important question to ask you doctor is, "Will Taurox hurt me?" The second question to ask is "Will it help me?" Since many doctors have not heard about Taurox, you can contact the customer service representative from whom you purchased your Taurox-containing product and ask their advice.
I am a vegetarian, should I take Taurox?
Yes! All TaurImmune products are vegetarian.
Are there any side effects from Taurox?
Taurox has been taken by thousands of people around the world. Because the dosage is so low, there are no reports of toxicity. Studies of Taurox indicate an unusually wide margin of safety. A typical dose of Taurox is about one-billionth the dose necessary to have any harmful effect.
When you start using Taurox, there may be some generally mild symptoms such as headaches, joint aches and unusual feelings in the chest. If you notice this, contact your doctor and skip 2 days and restart with a partial daily dose every other day. The presence of initial symptoms is believed to indicate it is the appropriate medicine for you and will be very helpful once the right dose is found.
Most frequently the benefits start slowly and improvement is gentle and progressive and without any unwanted symptoms. Initial improvement may be subtle and not observed until completion of one month of therapy.
Can I take Taurox in place of drugs prescribed by my doctor?
No, you must continue to take all your medicines prescribed by your doctor. If you want to stop some of those medicines, you must check with your doctor first.
Can I take Taurox in place of over-the-counter drugs, like antihistamines for my allergies?
Taurox cannot take the place of over-the-counter drugs. Taurox will balance your immune system and may allow you to take less of the over-the counter drugs. Taurox does not directly suppress symptoms. Do not adjust the dose of prescription medications without consulting with your doctor.
May I give Taurox to my children?
You should consult with a doctor for children under 15. There is no data on either safety or effectiveness in children. There have been beneficial reports from parents and doctors of children under 15.
Should women who are pregnant or breast feeding take Taurox?
We recommend that women who are pregnant or breast feeding check with their doctor. We recommend that pregnant or breast feeding women do not take Taurox until approved by their doctor.
How should I store my Taurox?
Taurox is stable at all temperatures. Extreme heat or cold could damage the dropper or spray bottle so that the seal might leak. We don’t recommend leaving it in a closed car in hot weather. Some of the various herbs and minerals that are part of the product might also be affected by extreme changes in temperature.
Is Taurox effective for treating Cystic Fibrosis?
People with CF often have fatigue and recurrent chest (bronchial or lung) infections. Taurox is indicated to reduce fatigue. Since Taurox balances the immune system, it may help reduce the recurrent chest infections. There have been anecdotal reports of reduction in viral and bacterial infections, however, no systematic study of this has been conducted, and thus it is not indicated for this application.

Taurox-containing products should not be used as a substitute for treatments prescribed by your doctor!!!